Dear Zi Xiu Tang Customers

The manufacturer of Zi Xiu Tang has created a new Product Security Code System for monitoring the authenticity of their product in the US market. This methodology will assist the manufacturer in collecting feedback on the quality of their products and allow customers to identify and report counterfeit products. Please use the following process to check the authenticity of your product:

2. Scratch the carbon layer off of the Zixiutang label on the back of the bottle to obtain the Anti-Counterfeit Code.
3. Input the Anti-Counterfeit Code and the Validation Code
4. Submit information.
5. If a valid code is entered, you will see the following message:
Security code you entered is correct. This product is the production of health products supervised by Guangzhou Zi Xiu Tang Biotechnology Co. Ltd. You will always receive quality products from our company!
If you do not see the above message, you have entered a code from a counterfeit product!
If you enter the same information more than once, you will see a message reminding you to be cautious of purchasing counterfeit products.